Vercouteren International

Vercouteren International Holding BV is a company that offers global solutions for the (re) use and use of waste for recycling of raw materials and renewable energy generation. Sustainable solutions are tested and based on the search for the highest application of raw materials used in and for fertilizer or biofuels. We develop solutions based on the latest technological developments.

Over the past 15 years the our mamagement has been gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the development and realization of waste treatment and renewable energy projects.
 We will focus on the integration of waste and energy projects at home and abroad. These projects are based on the “waste separation model” where from the raw material, household waste (MSW), several end or half products are made and where different technologies are used.

Our services

Separation of waste from different waste streams, Dry and Wet Anaerobic Digesting, Composting, Residue upgrading

Waste treatment

Detail engineering for waste treatment and composting installations

Waste to Energy

Complete sorting installations for waste to energy

Digesting & Composting

> 10 Concept engineering Digesters and composting installations


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