Genap waterproof solutions

Genap waterproof solutions

Specialist in the field of water storage Systems using geo synthetic materials

For more than 65 years Genap has specialised in geosynthetic applications in the horticultural and agricultural sectors and for civil projects. Solutions for the safe storage of drinking water and improved sanitation in third-world countries have recently been added to this. 

We produce customised geosynthetic solutions at our factory in ‘s-Heerenberg in the Netherlands, where we also have our own laboratory and design office. For on-site installation, we have our own installation teams who are deployed worldwide. We therefore undertake everything ourselves, from solution design to installation, so we can guarantee the highest level of quality, thus representing added value for our clients.

Shaping the future

More than 50 workers employed

Founded in 1951; over 60 years experience

Privately owned company, dynamic, flexible and short lines

Global distribution network 

Contact information:
Goorsestraat 1
7041 GA ‘s-Heerenberg
the Netherlands