Sustainable planet solutions

Compact composting and digesting systems

Sustainable Planet Solutions (SPS) is a young and innovative company. Our management is a team of professionals with a long term expertise with waste management in general and with organics processing in particular.  It’s knowledge of and experience with composting and anaerobic digestion is unmatched. 

SPS is founded to help remote and/or smaller municipalities to achieve their waste diversion and recycling objectives. We are delivering total organics recycling solutions based on containerized Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and composting systems. Our containerized systems will have the same invest demand as larger enclosed organics processing facilities.  These systems are also interesting for the agro-food industry and even cattle farmers. 

Beyond the delivery  of automated anaerobic digestion and/or composting containers, the core of the system, we also deliver the necessary feedstock pre-processing and product refining equipment. Pre-processing may include bag ripping, shredding and mixing. Refining is screening. Also the necessary infrastructure in form of pavement, covered storage for feedstock, amendment and compost, as well as the equipment and, if necessary, weighing scale are part of our delivery package. Infrastructure will always be delivered by local partners. We cooperate with local consultants and contractors in all our projects. This is the only way to achieve our goal; sustainable Planet solutions     

Our containerized AD and AD + composting systems can be delivered self-sufficient:  a small CHP-unit and sufficient battery capacity need to be installed. The produced biogas from AD will be converted into electricity and heat. The electricity will be used to operate the AD and composting containers. The heat can partially be used for the AD process.

A standard solution just isn’t an option when you want to design an optimally performing and sustainable facility. One of the reasons for this is that each state, province and location poses its own challenges when it comes to soil type, climate, legislation and composition of the waste to be processed. We perform a full analysis and carry out a full situational assessment.

Our systems can be operated under extreme conditions, such as the arctic winters in Churchill, Manitoba and tropic heat in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona. Our systems can be insulated and equipped with heater or coolers as required

Contact information:
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the Netherlands

North American office:
208-2255 Cypress St.
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